Marsa Alam, a small Egyptian city off the coast of the Red Sea, merges paradise and high fashion to form a cool collection of luxury resort textiles.  Inspired by travel and movement, each collection embodies a different cultural identity.  Our goal is to dress the jetsetter; whether she is going to Dubai or Detroit.  




About the Designer


Designer Patricia Hollis was simply born to create and has always been able to express herself through artistic outlets.  Raised in Highland Park, MI, Patricia enjoyed the urban city life, but was always curious about other people and cultures.  At a young age, her parents began to travel more and exposed her to other countries and customs.  After graduating from Lewis Cass Technical High School in Detroit, MI in 2006, Patricia attended Wayne State University and later Columbia College in Chicago to study Fashion Design. While studying at Columbia, her collection Marsa Alam was developed.  


Each collection embodies a place, a culture, or simply a feeling of that particular area.  Each collection has allowed her to research and explore and fulfill her passion to travel and create.  Since the creation of Marsa Alam, Patricia has participated in many fashion shows in throughout the country, including during New York Fashion Week.  Her clientele base has also expanded, now offering custom pieces.  As Patricia Hollis continues to learn, travel, and grow, so does her collection.  With so many untouched and unchartered places in the world, she knows the skies the limit for both her and her collection.

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